Thank you for your support at the Twizel Salmon & Wine Festival on the 24th of February - we had a blast and we'll see you there next year!


Here are some common questions and answers you may have.  Read through, and if you can't find an answer to your question, please email the team at, or phone them on 0800 400 385 or 021 400 385.


Q.   How does the freight-by-weight shipping work?

A.   Check out our Shipping Rates page for more information.


Q.   Are tour groups able to visit?

A.   Tour groups (8 or more people) now require a booking - if you don't have a booking, we will be unable to accommodate your group. Please click HERE to read our rules and information for tour groups.


Q.   What is the difference between the types of fillets?

A.   Standard fillets have skin on and bones in, and are best for cooking.  Pinboned fillets have the small pin bones removed and the skin is on - these are also great for cooking and if you don't want to remove the bones yourself.  Sashimi fillets are skin off and pin bones cut out - these are processed to order so are the freshest and therefore the best for eating raw.


Q.   Can I eat my standard fillet raw?

A.   Yes, although to have the best raw salmon experience we only recommend eating salmon that is within 3 days of the harvest date.  For this reason, the best product for eating raw is a sashimi fillet as it is harvested to order the same day as it is dispatched.


Q.   Can I freeze my salmon?

A.   Yes you can.  All fresh salmon freezes really well due to the oil content.  We don't recommend freezing smoked or cured salmon as the texture changes when thawed - but yes it will freeze OK.


Q.   What is the difference between your freshwater salmon and sea-run salmon?

A.   There are a couple of main differences (texture and flavour) and this is because of the environment the salmon live in.  Our farm is situated in the hydro canals of the Mackenzie, so we have a constant flow of fresh glacial water throughout the farm.  This constant flow not only means that the salmon have pristine water to live in, the flow means they have to swim more than sea-run salmon.  This makes them fitter, which results in a firmer flesh (texture) and lower in fat which gives them a much more subtle and smooth flavour.


Q.   I have a special event coming up - how can I get the freshest salmon for this?

A.   Just select the required delivery date in the cart when you check out.


Q.   I have tried to add a discount code to my order but it won't work - what is wrong?

A.    Most of the time if there are issues with codes and discounts it is because you can only use one discount or code per order e.g. you can't get a special deal with an automatic discount and combine it with a code for a different deal/special.  If you have issues, just contact our lovely sales team!


Q.   How much is shipping?

A.   There are different rates for weight groups to the North and South Islands.  For more information, go to our Shipping Rates page.


Q.   I don't know if my address is rural or not - how can I check?

A.   This is very important as we are unable to deliver to rural addresses.  To check your address, go to:


Q.   I live overseas - can you send me salmon?

A.   No.  We don't export any of our salmon - we only sell to New Zealand.


Q.   My salmon hasn't arrived - what should I do?

A.   The first thing you should do is check the tracking numbers on your shipping details.  If that doesn't work, ring the courier company.  Still no luck, send our friendly team an email with your details and they will help you out.


Q.   There is a mistake with my order - what should I do?

A.   Email our team with your order number and details, and if possible photos.


Q.   I live in a rural area - can I get salmon delivered to me?

A.   Unfortunately we are unable to deliver to rural addresses.  We recommend shipping to an urban address or business and picking it up from there.  


Q.   What times and days can I call you?

A.   Our office is open from 8am to 4pm weekdays, so call then.  The office is closed on weekends and public holidays.