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Farm Manager a Finalist in Sustainability Awards

High Country Salmon's farm manager, Josh Wyber, is a finalist at the New Zealand Seafood Sustainability Awards 2020.  Josh is up for the Emerging Leader Award and will be attending the Awards dinner in Wellington in August.

The awards celebrate industry, tangata whenua, and our communities who are dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of New Zealand’s fisheries and aquaculture.  It’s a chance to recognise individuals and groups that have been involved in innovation, science, leadership, or community engagement that promotes the present and future sustainability of New Zealand’s seafood sector.

"Josh Wyber is the farm and asset manager at High Country Salmon. He rose to his leadership position suddenly and unexpectedly following the passing of general manager Peter Logan. During a tragic time, he stepped up and now oversees the company’s on-water activities, and has implemented a number of sustainability initiatives. He wants to dedicate his nomination to the New Zealand farming industry for helping High Country Salmon, the Logan family, and himself through a difficult period. The support Josh received has cemented his desire to remain in New Zealand’s salmon aquaculture industry."

That's the serious stuff.  The Josh we all work with is what we would call a "good bugger".  He loves eating the salmon eggs benedict in the cafe, almost as much as he loves the salmon he raises.  We wish him every success at the Awards and we know he will do us proud. 

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