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Honey Glazed Tea Smoked Salmon

honey glazed tea smoked salmon



1 x 800g salmon fillet

½ C loose black tea

½ C rice

2 T brown sugar

1 T peppercorns

4 whole star anise

¼ C honey

¼ C pineapple juice

2 T light soy sauce

1 large cucumber, thinly sliced

2 t sugar

2 t white vinegar

½ t sea salt

1 T finely chopped mint

1 T finely chopped dill

Lemon wedges & chopped dill, to serve



  1. For a quick pickled cucumber, in a large bowl, combine the cucumber, sugar, vinegar and salt. Use your hands to rub the mixture into the cucumber slices. Set aside for 20-30 minutes. Squeeze and discard the liquid from the cucumbers. Mix the pickled cucumber slices with mint and dill.
  2. Place the salmon onto a piece of baking paper. Use 2 sheets of foil to create a shallow ‘bowl’ in the bottom of a wok. In a bowl, combine the tea, rice, brown sugar, peppercorns and star anise. Spread the mixture over the foil in the bottom of the wok, being careful not to let any of the mixture touch the wok itself. Set a wire cake rack above the mixture and place the wok over high heat. Once the mixture starts to smoke, transfer the salmon (with the baking paper underneath) onto the wire rack. Cover tightly with a lid or foil. Smoke for 15 minutes without lifting the lid or foil.
  3. For the glaze, place the honey, pineapple juice and soy sauce in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes. Set aside for later.
  4. Preheat oven grill to high. Transfer the salmon to a baking tray. Brush the salmon with the glaze. Place under the grill for 10-15 minutes or until the top turns a deep brown colour and the salmon is cooked through. Transfer to a serving plate and sprinkle with dill. Serve warm or cold with lemon wedges and quick pickled cucumber on the side.


Serves 6-10.

Recipe adapted from Marion’s Kitchen.


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